Questiom i, there Can you help me with three questions? 1) Does it sound odd to say "Don't push yourself too hard in(or during?) your workout today or you will feel sore all over tomorrow"? Does "feel sore all over" sound odd? 2) Does it sound odd to say "They babbled/yapped the whole day away" or "They babbled/yapped away all day"? Are both odd? 3) If you are painting and you make a mistke because someone startled you, could you say "You messed me up"? or "You made me mess up"? Please, I need help! Thank you!
Jan 24, 2017 9:24 PM
Answers · 1
1. In that sentence "you will feel sore all over" is fine. You can also use "to be" and say that "you'll be sore all over." 2. The first sentence is the better one. The second sentence doesn't sound right. It sounds better to me with yapped also. 3. You could say either one of these. They're both correct.
January 24, 2017
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