Anything wrong with the following sentence? The Icelanders believe that in the future they can make use of the underground hot water for their benefit.
Jan 25, 2017 2:11 AM
Answers · 7
Hi Icespirit, I feel that there is no need to use "the" because we are not referring to specific underground hot water in a specific area of Iceland. It is just underground hot water in general. May I suggest that we shift the part "in the future" towards the end of the sentence as it will not break up the flow of ideas between (i) what they believe and (ii) making use of the ground water, which is a description of what they believe. Therefore, I will write: The Icelanders believe that they can make use of underground hot water for their benefit in the future. Hope this helps. Cheers, Lance
January 25, 2017
Hello! The sentence is comprehensible yet wordy and out of standard syntaxt. I would suggest rephrasing it like this : Icelanders believe using underground hot water in the future will be beneficial (to them). You could omit the prepositional phrase between (); I would ;) Sincerely, Andres
January 25, 2017
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