the french teacher is great, I'd recommend him to you/ I recommend him to you? hi, guys~ need your help here again, here is a line below: ...... "you're a good kisser, very good, firm but tender. 【I'd】 recommend you to a friend." ...... my question is about【I'd】: what does 'd stand for? would or could? why do we have to use it here? can we just leave it out and use 'I recommend you to a friend.(I guess no, or it would be like simple present, something you do regularly, as in "I speak english/ i get up early" )'. So is it an imaginary situation? as in "【I'd】 recommend you to a friend IF I HAD TO/ IF YOU WANTED ME TO RECOMMEND YOU TO A FRIEND?" waht about in some other situations? like: A. the chinese restaurant is terrific, I'd recommend it to you/ I recommend it to you?. B. the movie is sooo good, I'd recommend it to you / I recommend it to you?. C. the french teacher is great, I'd recommend him to you/ I recommend him to you? I'm a bit confused now, need your help. thanks.
Jan 25, 2017 10:59 AM
Answers · 5
I'd is short for I would. The answer to your question is that either construction is perfectly fine - "I recommend him/her/it to you," or I would (I'd) recommend him/her/it to you." The second construction is conditional so it is the only construction that you should use if you are going to precede these words with a condition. For example: "If you ever go to Paris, I'd recommend La Closerie Des Lilas to you." In every day speech, native speakers use the 'conditional,' form all the time, even when no words precede it (so it isn't really a conditional situation at all other, perhaps, than in an implied way, with the implication being, 'if you were to ask me then I would recommend...), but we would never say "If you ever go to Paris, I recommend this restaurant to you," in this latter case, you must use the conditional form.
January 25, 2017
I think we like to express these kinds of statements as hypotheticals because we don't want it to sound like we're making too many assumptions. It means essentially "(If you're interested in what I think), I would recommend..."
January 25, 2017
Je vous le recommande l"autre manière n'est pas utilisable.
January 25, 2017
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