Yuuichi Tam
Is this phrase "dig him a grave" common? Weave him a coffin of rush, Dig him a grave where the soft mosses grow, Raise him a tombstone of snow. This is from a poetry for children. Does ""dig him a grave" mean " dig a grave for him"? And Is it common or only poetry?
Jan 25, 2017 1:14 PM
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Taken as a whole, the language of the poem is poetic rather than everyday language. However, the grammar of the phrase 'dig him a grave' is very common in standard English. Dig him a grave = dig a grave for him Make us some coffee = make some coffee for us Draw me a picture = draw a picture for me and so on. It's quite normal to use this neater phrasing in everyday English.
January 25, 2017
Yes, "dig him a grave" means "dig a grave for him." I don't read a lot of poetry, so I cannot say for sure if it's commonly used there, but we don't usually say it in everyday conversation. However, we do have an idiom: digging one's own grave. This idiom means someone is making choices leading to their own death and/or downfall. For example: "The president dug his own grave when he fired his bodyguards, leaving him unprotected from those who wished to assassinate him." I hope this helps. Please let me know if my answer isn't clear.
January 25, 2017
I would say it's a pretty poetic phrase. In the poem it means someone wants to bury him in a natural way....it's a very beautiful poem!!! But we DO say, "He's digging his own grave" To mean he's getting himself into a difficult spot (like when a husband is teasing his wife about something and she keeps getting angrier and angrier, we might say, "well, he's digging his own grave!" And it would be accepted as a joke or an actual statement.)
January 25, 2017
"Dig him a grave" would be something you would see in literature, but also can be used as an expression: 1. "Dig him a grave because he really made a big mistake." 2. Normally, we will use it as such: "He dug himself a grave due to the serious mistake he made." The others are not so common... Hope this helps :)
January 25, 2017
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