If we should take a part time job in college.Why? I am a student ,this is the topic in my speech.
Dec 7, 2008 1:59 AM
Answers · 2
One should ask can you cope? If you think you can cope with time management, you should. It can supplement your income like what Jackie mention to help defray cost of studies including living expenses and fees. Part time jobs also allow students to experience work life earlier and appreciate or relate to what they studies better in practical lives. Of course not all part time job relates to the courses or subjects you take. What is important in studies is to help students prepare for the real life work outside which may not be relevant to your studies too.
December 7, 2008
Personally, I had to take a part time job in college to help pay for my living expenses. College can be very expensive, and if I did not work while studying then now, after graduation, I would have much more debt due to my student loans. Good luck with your speech.
December 7, 2008
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