Is that correct to say "I remember going swimming when I was in Ibiza"? Hello. Which one is correct: I remember going swimming when I was in Ibiza or I remember going to swim when I was in Ibiza. I know that when we're talking about our past, reminiscing about our past we have to use gerund after remember... but we use "going" after it... isn't "going" that gerund?
Jan 26, 2017 9:25 PM
Answers · 4
Yes, 'I remember going swimming when I was in Ibiza' is fine. There isn't a problem with having two 'ing' forms one after the other. The activity is 'go swimming' ( the same as 'go cycling', 'go skiing', 'go sailing' and dozens of other activities). The word 'swimming' never changes. Only the verb 'go' changes. You need to have the gerund of 'go' following 'remember', so the correct sentence is 'I remember going swimming'.
January 26, 2017
Yes, it's perfectly correct. I'm in a (very) amateur production of a musical entitled "Once Upon a Mattress," and we're learning a song which happens to contain this line: "I'm going fishing for a mate..." (It's sung by Princess Winnifred, who is looking for someone to marry.) I might say to my wife "I'm going shopping for groceries."
January 27, 2017
They are both correct.
January 26, 2017
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