Wie sagt man "You're welcome" auf Deutsch? Ich denke, dass das kann nur "gerne" oder "gern geschehen" in Deutsch übertragen gleich, aber ich weiß nicht. Ich habe zwei Fragen über die letzte Satz (Sie sind nicht so wichtig wie meine letzte). (Sorry if I used that last verb "übertragen" incorrectly, I also saw other things like "verdeutschen" in the dictionary, but I wasn't sure which to use for this sentence.) (Is putting "gleich" where I did okay? I figured if I played around with it, someone would be able to let me know if it's correct or not.)
Jan 26, 2017 11:36 PM
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Not a native speaker, but I`ll try to answer: 1) You are welcome 2) After "dass" verbs go to the last position in the sentence. I tried to rewrite your sentence, hope it`s correct now. "Ich denke, dass es ins Deutsche als "Gern geschehen" übersetzt wird".
January 27, 2017
1. The correct verb would be "übersetzen". I'm not sure whether "übertragen" would actually work. It's not entirely wrong, but it doesn't sount very natural to me either. 2. I can guess what you probably want to say in your sentence, but the grammar is quite messed up, and I don't see why you would want to put the word "gleich" anywhere in the sentence. My version of the sentence is: "Ich denke, dass man es nur mit 'gerne' oder 'gern geschehen' ins Deutsche übersetzen kann, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher".
January 27, 2017
Sorry I accidentally set it to English!
January 26, 2017
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