Expericece of/with/in this seems like the division to me: "i have a lot of experience of hunger" a personal experience, like i have of a lot of experience of being hungry as a child. "i have a lot of experience in hunger" i have studied it as a concept, not personal, more like its biological effects or sociological implications etc. "i have a lot of experience with hunger" this is a lot more ambiguous to me, so if someone said this it would depend on the context on which meaning it would take. eg. 1) i have a lot of experience with hunger. when i was little, food was very scarce. eg. 2) i have a lot of experience with hunger. in the laboratory we undertook many experiments as part of our investigation. how does that sound?is it true? Would someone please tell me a little about when we have to use experiences/experience? I asked this question before but there was nothing understandable for me, it was confusing ;( For example: i have lots of experience/experience"s" in/with/of cooking and cleaning.
Jan 28, 2017 8:28 AM
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You are right about "in" and "of". "with" is less common in my experience and I would say that it is sometimes interchangeable with "in", but never with "of". For me, "with" is used with a method or a phrase which describes the use or application of something e.g. I have experience / I am experienced with/in the use of laser technology," (I am not really!) I prefer "in" to "with", even when "with" is possible. On your second point, consider this situation: "I went on holiday and tried 10 different sports including skiing, on 10 different occasions. I had some amazing experiences. Are you now experienced in skiing (the skill)? No, I have very little experience of skiing (the activity). I have only had one experience (occasion) of skiing."
January 28, 2017
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