Question Hi, there Could you help me with some questions and expressions? 1) Should I say "That's both of us's? or That's both of us'? or That belongs to both of us"? 2) Let us say you are in the kitchen and you wants to go into the living room, but your mom is in the way mopping the floor, and you want her to let you pass. Could I say "Could you let me pass/through?" or "Can I just step over there?"? What could you say"? Could you use "step into/over/across? 3) If you always eat healthy, but when you go over to a friend's house, you usually eat junk food. Does it sound odd to say to your friend: "You always have/got me eating junk food when you have me over"? Thank you verey much
Jan 29, 2017 12:37 AM
Answers · 3
Great questions! 1. "That's both of ours". "Ours" is a possessive pronoun like "mine" ("this dog belongs to me"="this is my dog"="this dog is mine"). 2. All of your options were good. Personally, I'd probably say something like "Could I squeeze by for a sec?" ("sec" is short for "second"). 3. Since "have me over" is in present tense, use "get" instead of "got": "you always get me eating whenever you have me over."
January 29, 2017
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