Difference between similar words شجاع و دلاور بازتاب و انعکاس Dear friends :what are the differences between these words?
Jan 29, 2017 7:13 AM
Answers · 5
Dear Shirley thanks Amir for your answer but i think you translate wrong because دلاور : does not means Dollar the word means Dollar is دلار دلاور /delāvar/ means دلیر؛ پردل؛ جنگجو So different between دلاور and شجاع this word means really near them I think have little different when use دلیر most of the time means someone in war really brave like dictionary example use it in someone in war fighting bravely, but world شجاع you can use to every sentence for example : فردوسی . -دلاور سپاه ; سپاه جنگی و کارزاری: دوست من بسیار شجاع هست About another world انعکاس و بازتاب this world have same meaning you can use them as synonyms I hope this answer helpful
January 29, 2017
شجاع : a courage person دلاور : us dollar انعکاس : Reflection بازتاب : ......I think this is maybe a Persian word , it's not Arabic.....
January 29, 2017
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