فشار آوردن and فشار دادن Dear friends, Can you tell me what's the difference between these two phrases and make some sentences with them? Thanks!
Jan 31, 2017 2:03 PM
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بازیکنان تیم فوتبال برای گل زدن, خیلی به خودشان فشار آوردند >>>>> فشار آوردن در این جمله یعنی تلاش فراوان برای انجام کاری==crush فشار آوردن میتواند جسمی و یا روحی باشد press=push=فشار دادن دکمه را فشار دهید تا در باز شود
January 31, 2017
فشار دادن Usually is used when you are pressing a button, for instance.But, When you use فشار آوردن mostly means that someone is under pressure because of impact from anyone else. فشار دادن => I pressed the button yesterday. فشار آوردن => I was under pressure from my parents to accept in my examination yesterday.
January 31, 2017
Both mean "to press", "to put/apply pressure", though "فشار آوردن" sounds more literal. Grammatically, "فشار دادن" needs a "مفعول", for example ".او دکمه را فشار داد" meaning "She pressed the button." . On the other hand, "فشار آوردن" needs a "متمم". For example, "من به دیوار فشار آوردم" meaning "I pressed/ applied pressure on the wall.". By the way, I think there is more emphasis on the act of applying pressure in "فشار آوردن", like there is in "applying pressure".
January 31, 2017
فشار دادن = press فشار آوردن = to make a severe or unusually great effort.
February 2, 2017
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