Michael Timothy
Did you know, what is this mean? "想过到什么时候就什么时候呗" My friend tell me that this mean "What are you doing now" .. Frankly I was trying to translate it through Baidu, but the results is quite disappointing..
Feb 2, 2017 4:42 AM
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My understanding is "live with it till you can't stand it."
February 2, 2017
Since now is still Chinese/lunar New Year, I guess the last question sentence of your responsive sentence was “你过节要过到什么时候?” (Until when do you want to celebrate Chinese/lunar New Year?) (All I know is the main verb of the question is 过, so there may be other possibilities.) So your friend answered, “Until anytime as long as you (or I/he/she, we cannot get specific subject from your sentence.) want.” Just a guess, hope it can help you :)
February 2, 2017
我觉得这句话要有背景才好理解。 I think I need to know the related context of this sentence.
February 3, 2017
这和What are you doing now?真心没有什么关系。 这句话的结构是“想+过到+什么时候+就+什么时候+呗”,那就是“随心所欲”的意思,这个“过”字这个语境下应该是和“过年”有关的。
February 3, 2017
没更多可参考的,不好说具体的是什么意思,但有一点,绝对和what are you doing now?没有一点关系。你的朋友不是在骗你,就是他自己也不知道是什么意思,但他不可能不知道这句话是什么意思,所以,他肯定是在……。
February 2, 2017
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