Question Hi, there Could you help me with some questions? Please 1) In an episode of The Mentalist, two detectives are talking: A: Now that quick(a doctor) has been fired For trading an m.R.I.Machine for a kidney, let's hope The hospital's transplant program stays on the up-and-up. B: Yeah, there's an endless supply of doctors Like quick in the world. A:Way to see the bright side. What does "way to see" mean here? 2) In another episode, a man is murdered and his girlfriend is gone, then two detectives are talking: A: Are you reading Marin Life magazine? B: Abby(the gone girl) liked to party. She and her posse are all through this. What does "all through this" mean? 3) What does "late and later" mean? 4) What about nice and flush with the countertop? Thank you a lot
Feb 3, 2017 1:19 AM
Answers · 2
Way to...(do x) is a construction that indicates the speaker is impressed wit the person's ability to do x (which is usually something difficult or uncommon). In this example x is "see the bright side." So the speaker is impressed with the other person's ability to see the good in an otherwise bleak situation. This construction is also often said sarcastically. Depending on how it's said, that could be the situation here if the speaker feels the other person is oblivious to the bleakness of the situation.
February 3, 2017
What does "way to see" mean here? It's a shorted form of "(what a) way to see the bright side," meaning, "you have a great ability to see the bright side (the positive)." For the others, I need more context. For "all through this" are you sure it wasn't "all throughout"? Maybe this girl and her friends were mentioned many times in that magazine?
February 3, 2017
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