这词的意思不好吗 "香蕉人"这词怎么翻译我知道,但是意思好不好呢? 可不可以说"我是香蕉人"...
Feb 3, 2017 10:53 AM
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“香蕉” has yellow peel and white pulp, hence "香蕉人“ is used to describe some ethnic CHINESE peopl who live overseas and therefore have the western lifestyle and values, because they also have "yellow skin" and "white heart( like white people)". This term is used sarcastically so as not to be used in this way: 我是一个香蕉人。
February 3, 2017
i never heared about this,where are you found it?
February 3, 2017
I was confused till I read the comments because I had never heard anyone say this in Chinese. In the US, we, the Asian Americans, are at times called "bananas". It could be used as a pejorative term or as a non-pejorative term. We do tease each other (Asians) with terms like that, such as whitewashed, banana, fob, etc. But I suggest you avoid using any of those slurs unless you are talking to a really close friend.
February 3, 2017
February 5, 2017
February 4, 2017
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