Marcelo R. Martins
About who did what. Dear Fellows, Today, I wrote a requirement report to develop a new computer system. There are 3 main authors: 1) Request Area - Who asks for a Service - my user; (Is "Request Area" the correct term?); 2) Evaluator Area - Who receives the service order and does some actions; (Is "Evaluator Area" the correct term?); 3) Execution Area - Who will execute the required service; (Is "Execution Area" the correct term?); Thanks in advanced. Hugs.
Feb 3, 2017 1:49 PM
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This is difficult to answer authoritatively without some context. People's titles will often change depending on what line of business they are in, even if they are doing the same process. You will often see the suffix '-ee' used to designate someone an action is being done to. I'll give you some examples: Renting an apartment: Who asks for the service? Lessee. Who receives the request for a property? Rental Company Representative (or similar) Who carries out the service? Lessor Note that the person who receives the request is often the person who carries out the request, or a representative on their behalf. This position can come with MANY titles. At a restaurant: Who asks for the service? Patron Who receives the request for food? Waiter/waitress Who carries out the request? Chef, cook, and so on One company contacting another for a service: Who asks for the service? The Client Who receives the request for service? Service Representative, Outreach Coordinator, Representative, and so on Who carries out the service? <Some title for the type of service> for example: Computer repair -> Computer repair technician Building repair -> Structural engineer, contractor Consulting -> Consultant Audit -> Auditor, Assurance professional There are many, many different words to describe the situation, so more information is truly helpful to answer the question. Also note that "the Client" or other abstractions of the client's name are often used in reports and proposals after establishing in the first few lines who "the Client" is. Example: "Stonewater International Mining Corporation, hereafter known as 'the client' or 'Stonewater International' is ..."
February 3, 2017
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