Learning techniques Can anyone tell to learn english language there will be need of any special techniques?
Feb 4, 2017 3:53 PM
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The only "special techniques" are hard work and time. There are no shortcuts. Your performance and success is dependent upon your effort and persistence. Also you should have a good curriculum, a text with audio files, a class, and/or a private teacher. For vocabulary learning, make a file in Excel or fold a paper, so that you can check your spelling and memory of English words and the corresponding translations. Good luck with your study!
February 4, 2017
i think it is a matter of practice and time
February 8, 2017
No special techniques specific to learning English, but since English is a language where the pronunciation and spelling of a word often differ, and there is a lot of exceptions to rules in spelling, pronunciation, stress etc., you need to find a way to learn it all. My suggestion would be to learn every word, in a way that you remember its spelling, pronunciation and meaning at the same time. But overall, to learn English, like with any foreign language you need to work on your: - writing - reading - speaking - and listening skills. There are three major things you need to learn: vocabulary (and this is something you need to memorise), grammar (you need to understand how it operates and practice the use/ memorise) and how to pronounce (pronunciation of words, word stress and sentence stress, how to connect words in a sentence, etc). Like with learning to sing a song - you need to learn lyrics (the words) and melody (how to sing it). There are different techniques and activities for each of those components, and often they can be combined together, e.g. speaking with listening, reading with speaking or writing etc. There are various memorisation techniques, e.g. spaced repetition, memory palaces, creating connections (chunking). For learning grammar, it's learning to understand it and use, use, use (exercises, real life usage). For learning pronunciation - it's listening and imitating, and practising until you can get the sounds, the stress etc right. I hope this helps Jo.
February 5, 2017
Just a simple think. That is just to started thinking completely everything​ in English.
February 18, 2017
talk with some one who is really good in english. you will lean it easier and faster like a child learns a new language(It wont learn by grammer)
February 8, 2017
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