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就連在比稿的時候 是什么意思? 妳現在這份企劃案,不要說沒有執行的可能 就連在比稿的時候,都會直接被刷下來. I was watching a TV drama and then this was said. I understand it says something like 'you're going to work on this plan, but don't say you can't execute it, even when you...., it will be erased immediately? What does the '就連在比稿的時候' mean? I don't understand 比稿, what does 比 mean here? Thank you 謝謝
Feb 4, 2017 8:52 PM
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'比稿' commonly used in advertising sector means that comparing your design planning with other companies in order for Party A to choose the most proper one.比稿通常是费时费力的,付出和回报往往不成正比,so 善待生命,拒绝比稿!
February 5, 2017
不知道“比稿”的意思,但根据你讲的上下文,可以猜到: 就是拿这个人的企划稿和别人比拼,最后选最好的,其余的全部淘汰。
February 5, 2017
February 5, 2017
比=比试 就连在比试稿子的时候都会直接被淘汰下来。
February 4, 2017
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