How would you say "I'm a woman of faith" in Arabic Hi everyone? I'm just wondering if there's a word in Arabic to describe yourself as a woman of faith or "faithful woman"? or how would you describe being faithful, etcetera. I'm Christian but believe in the same God. Just curious, thank you
Feb 4, 2017 10:24 PM
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2na syadah mo2mnah I try to write the expression in Arab frank
February 5, 2017
There are many ways to say that: امرأة مؤمنة، قانتة، زاهدة، تقية، صالحة But the literal one for faithful is مؤمنة
February 5, 2017
مؤمنة you can say it when she beleives in God and fate very well أمينة if she is trustfull صالحة if she is good and do good things it depends on what is faithfull means in English , imean according to the phrase that "faithful" is mentioned in.
February 4, 2017
أنا إمرأة مؤمنة .. And in English Alpha-pet: Ana Emra'a Mou'mina __________________________ I will Learn Some Arabic Grammar of That sentence : I am .. Means : Ana Akoun Where I Means Ana and Am Means Akoun Woman Means Emra'a Faith Means Eman But if you want to give (Faith) returning to (Noun) You should say Faith Of and it means in arabic (mou'men) But Mou'men is a masculine, Then If You want return it to feminine, You should add sound (a) to (Mou'min) to be (Mou'mina). ____ So if you want to say I am a woman of faith It will be ana emra'a mou'mina or Ana Akoun Emra'a Mou'mina the Both of them is Right :)
February 16, 2017
I think you're confusing "faithful" with "of faith". "Faithful" is مخلصة Mokhlisah "Of faith" ---- if you mean that you believe in God, then you are مؤمنة/مؤمنة بالله Mo'mina/mo'mina billah
February 10, 2017
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