Some Cantonese questions 1. I learnt different words for "to think", and I would like to know the difference... 估 諗 話 (as in: 你話學中文難唔難) 想 I guess 估 means something like "to reckon, to estimate", I guess 話 (as in: 你話學中文難唔難) means "to be of the opinion", whereas 想 perhaps means to think in the sense of "to have certain thoughts, to think something in your head" (not: "to be of the opinion"??), and I have no idea about 諗... 2. "你已經講好多“ “唔係,好小嘅嗻" why 小嘅 instead of simply 小? what does the 嘅 to the meaning? 3. 因為佢咁靚啲,學上鍾意佢 what does this mean? my confusion is about the 啲… does it mean: "the students like her, because she is MORE beautiful"? Thanks a lot!
Feb 5, 2017 2:56 PM
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1. 估=guess 我估嗰個係正確答案。(I guess that's the correct answer.) 諗=think 我諗嗰個係正確答案。(I think that's the correct answer.) (more certain than 估) 你話學中文難唔難呀?(In your opinion, is Chinese difficult to learn?) 想=would like to/want to 我想知道正確答案。(I want to know the correct answer.) In formal writing, we write 想 instead of 諗,meaning to think. 2. In your example, 嘅 is not combined with 小。嘅 at the end of a sentence serves to emphasize that what is said is a fact or will be true. e.g. 你有錢嘅,唔好扮窮啦。(You are in fact rich; don't pretend to be poor.) 佢總會明白嘅。(He/She will eventually understand it.) 3. We say either 咁靚 (so beautiful) or 靚啲 (more beautiful). 咁靚啲 is ungrammatical.
February 7, 2017
Thanks a lot, Casey! so... 我話學中文好難 = 我想學中文好難 = 我諗學中文好難 ? “唔係,好小嘅嗻": I understand the meaning, but why is there a 嘅? Why not simply “唔係,好小嗻"? 因為佢咁靚啲,學生鍾意佢:so 靚啲 does NOT mean "more beautiful"? The 啲 is just useless and adds nothing to the meaning? Sorry for the extra questions, I just really want to understand this! Thank you so much!
February 6, 2017
諗 is the same as 想 . 你想/諗 學 ...it means do you think...? “唔係,好小嘅嗻" means like (no, little , actually) 因為佢咁靚啲,學上鍾意佢; student is 學生 not 學上 佢咁靚 is sufficient. 啲 is not necessary. If you want to say her clothe is pretty you would say 咁靚啲衫 Casey
February 6, 2017
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