What is the difference between Chinese China and Chinese Taiwan?
Feb 5, 2017 4:34 PM
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First of all, Chinese in Taiwan uses the traditional form while the one used on the Mainland is simpified. As for the spoken language, it is about equivalent to the Malay spoken in Malaysia vs Indonesia.
February 6, 2017
首先,台湾是中国的一部分。 汉语有很长的历史。 文字方面:50年前,内地和台湾都使用的是繁体中文。繁体中文书写太过于繁琐,所以内地政府就进行了简化,就有了简体中文。 发音方面:中国地广,有非常多的方音,发音不同,所有内地政府指定了发音标准,称为普通话。而台湾靠近福建,发音类似于闽南话(一种方言)
February 5, 2017
Francis, Thanks for your answer! That's awesome![emoji]
February 6, 2017
在文字的使用上,台灣是用繁體字,而中國是用簡體字(但香港也是使用繁體字)。 在台灣的教育體制裡,台灣不是中國的一步分(反之)。 台灣是個民主國家,而中國是個共產國家 (雖說中國強調台灣是他們的一步分,但這是普遍台灣人民認同的事實) 在口音方面,台灣人說話時,不會有明顯的捲舌音(縱然中國各地也有許多不同的口音)。 以上是我個人的見解,無意去挑撥中國與台灣的敏感關係! In the use of text, Taiwan is in traditional Chinese characters, while China is in simplified characters. In Taiwan's education system, Taiwan is not a step in China (and vice versa). Taiwan is a democratic country, and China is a communist country (Although China stressed that Taiwan is their step, but this is generally the fact that the people of Taiwan agree) In terms of the accent, the Taiwanese do not have a pronounced articulation (even though there are many different accents throughout China). These are my personal views, no intention to provoke the sensitive relationship between China and Taiwan!
February 6, 2017
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