widia wulansari
explain me please? "Make it right by not hesitating. Like i said. I want you to be the one that want "it"." what thats mean?
Feb 7, 2017 3:47 PM
Answers · 1
First of all, I'm going to correct the grammar and punctuation: "Make it right by not hesitating. Like I said, I want you to be the one that wants it." "Make it right" is used here as a command to take some action now to compensate for a previous failure. Example: The man hesitated when trying to make the game winning shot in a game of football. They take a time-out, and one of his teammates says, "Make it right by not hesitating this time." "I want you to be the one that wants it" or more simply, "I want you to want it": The speaker is telling the listener that he wants the listener to do something because the listener wants to, not because he has to do that thing. Example: The footballer from the previous example says he'll do it for the team, but his coach thinks he lacks conviction. The coach says, "I want you to want it." (The coach wants the footballer to be self-motivated, to try to score the point because he wants to score the point, not because everyone is depending on him to do it.)
February 7, 2017
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