use ”That's wh” phrase I would like to confirm my answer that I used "That's wh" phrase. I very happy if someone could help me. Q:They talk about many things on the beach. A:That's what they talk about on the beach. Q:They usually leave around 6 p.m. A:That's when they usually leave. Q:They often go to the supermarket afterwards. A:That's how they go to the supermarket. Q:My parents met here 15 years ago. A:That's when my parents met. Q:They used to come to this beach with their dog. A:That's how they used to come to this beach with their dog. Q:He goes to the gym every day. A:That's when he goes to the gym. Q:He was sick last week. A:That's when he was sick . Q:He leaves the gym after 1 hour of exercising. A:That's when he leaves the gym. Q:He wants to open his own gym one day. A:That's when he wants to open his own gym. Q:He talks to many people at the gym. A:That's where he talks to many people.
Feb 8, 2017 3:29 AM
Answers · 2
question 3 should be 'that's when they go to the supermarket.' question 5 is weird. I don't know what they want for the answer, but 'how' seems wrong. Maybe it's supposed to be "That's where they used to bring their dog."
February 8, 2017
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