Magentha Dea
The difference between je and jij Hallo, everybody seeing this question! I am now starting to learn Dutch, and I am wondering the difference of use of some words, like je and jij and zij and ze. How to use them in right and good way? Dank je wel!
Feb 8, 2017 6:02 AM
Answers · 4
Hello Magentha, In essence, there is not much difference. However, jij en zij is automatically places more emphasis on the word than je and ze. If you are in doubt, you can use je and ze, because I think this will almost always be correct (often both is possible). Also, je is used in reflexive verbs: Jij kleedt je aan = literally: you dress yourself. The first "jij" could be "je" als well. The second "je" is reflexive, this has to be "je" and cannot be "jij". Hope this clarifies it a little, good luck!
February 8, 2017
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