How would you say them? I asked a question on how to say somebody/someone/somewhere/sometime/anyone/anybody/anytime/anywhere somebody, someone: 누군가 anyone, anybody: 누군가, 아무나 somewhere: 어딘가 anywhere: 어디에(서)(도) sometime: 언젠가 anytime: 언제든 but can they be used in non-interrogative form? could you make an example on all of them? Thanks
Feb 9, 2017 11:14 PM
Answers · 1
somebody, someone: 누군가 - 누군가 나를 불렀다 - someone called me anyone, anybody: 누군가, 아무나 - 아무나 나를 불러도 된다 - Anyone can call me somewhere: 어딘가 - 카드가 어딘가에 있는 것 같다 - I think the card is somewhere anywhere: 어디에(서)(도) - 카드가 어디에서도 못 찾았다 - Couldn't find the card anywhere sometime: 언젠가 - 언젠가 거기게 가보고 싶다 - I want to go there sometime anytime: 언제든 - 언제든 거기에 가도 된다 - YOu can go anytime
February 9, 2017
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