some questions on the TV show friends [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Carol and Susan are showing off Ben to the gang.] MON: (entering from her bedroom carrying a present) Ok, these were unbelievably expensive, and I know he's gonna grow out of them in like, 20 minutes, but I couldn't resist. PHO: Oh, look at these! Hey, Ben. Just do it. (Ben starts to cry) Oh my god, 【was that too much pressure for him?】 SUSAN: Oh, is he hungry already? CAROL: I guess so. (Carol starts to breast feed Ben.) CHANDLER: You know, it's... (sees the feeding taking place next to him) something funny about sneakers. I'll be right back. (Goes into the kitchen) JOEY: (joins him)【 I gotta get one, too.】 ......the rest of the script is continued in the answer due to the word limit , the questions that bother me are in square bracket 【】. ..... 1.【was that too much pressure for him?】 what does this mean? 2. 【 I gotta get one, too.】get what,too? chandler is going to the kitchen coz he's embarrassed by the breastingfeeding, chandler is not getting anything.
Feb 11, 2017 4:07 AM
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I sometimes query the wisdom of watching sitcoms to learn a language, but let me try to answer your questions: 1) "Was there too much pressure on him?" - Monica wanted to show off something, but is afraid Ben will outgrow it. Phoebe implies, no problem, just do it first. Ben then started to cry, and Phoebe wonders if Ben is afraid of something, can't handle the pressure, and started crying? 2) "I gotta get one too"- Chandler goes to the kitchen (maybe to get a beer or something). Joey says "I'll get one too." Most likely he wants to go get a beer as well, just to avoid looking at Ben being breastfed. 3) "We are hanging out by the spoons"- Since they are in the kitchen, this sentence is more like a mild joke saying that they are standing in the kitchen where the spoons are. Kinda like making something sound more important than it really is. 4) "Carol's fine with it"- Something is with with me, or fine by me. Both are colloquialisms, and both are acceptable. 5) "As much as he needs"- Again, this is colloquialisms, and both are fine. The difference is that "Often" is how many times you do something. "Much" refers to quantity of the thing. For example: As much milk as Ben needs, is not the same as As often milk as Ben needs. But since this is a sitcom, grammar doesn't really matter. 6) "If he blows into one, the other gets bigger?"- Just means jokingly, if Ben blows into one breast, will the other... inflate as well? Now you see why I don't recommend watching sitcoms?
February 11, 2017
1. Monica bought him sneakers. "Just do it!" is a slogan for Nike (who makes sneakers). The slogan is an encouragement to do something athletic. Phoebe was making a joke using their slogan. In the US, we want to encourage our kids to try hard, but we don't want to make them try so hard that they start crying. We worry that making children work too hard is bad for them. Phoebe was was worried that by saying the slogan she went past encouraging and into pressuring Ben to the point where it is bad for him. 2. Joey is also embarrassed by the breastfeeding. The joke is that he's not going to get anything - he is just getting away and can't come up with a good excuse. 3. That's where the spoons would be kept in a kitchen. They could have just as easily said "We're just standing here, doing nothing." "Ladle?" means "Would you like a ladle?" (He's offering one to Ross). The funny thing is that they're trying not to be near Carol while she's breastfeeding - but they can't come up with anything to do, so they're just being nervous and fidgety. We're laughing at their discomfort. 4. Yes, you can say that something is fine with you. 5. Yes, she could have said "as often as he needs." (that's probably the more correct answer, but in casual speech, either one would be understood and no one would notice anything odd about "as much") 6. yes, "blow" means forcefully exhale.
February 11, 2017
.....continued from above.... ROSS: (following them into the kitchen) What are you guys doing? CHANDLER: 【We're just hanging out by the spoons. Ladle?】 ROSS: Look, would you guys grow up? That is the most natural beautiful thing in the world. JOEY: Yeah, we know, but there's a baby suckin' on it. ROSS: This is my son having lunch, ok? Now if you have any problem with it, if you're uncomfortable, just ask questions. 【Carol's fine with it.】 (They go back into the living room) CHANDLER: So, uh,【how often can you do it?】 CAROL: 【As much as he needs.】 JOEY: Ok, I got one, I got one. 【If he blows into one, does the other one get bigger?】 ........ Q3.【We're just hanging out by the spoons. Ladle?】I know the phrase hang out, but why hang out by the spoons? and is 'ladle' short for "ross, do you want a ladler? or ross, do you want to hang out by ladle?" is there anything funny here? Q4. 【Carol's fine with it.】: someone is fine with something, but can i also say "something is fine with me?" or does it have to be "something is fine BY me." Q5.【how often can you do it?】【As much as he needs.】 can I say "as OFTEN as he needs instead of MUCH?", the question is how often...? so the answer should be "as often as ...", right? Q6. 【If he blows into one, does the other one get bigger?】 what does blow mean here? the same blow as "blow out a candle?" thanks a lot, i appreciate it.
February 11, 2017
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