What does it mean? Hello! I read an article about edit of anime and manga. So please, help me understand the last sentence in the paragraph: In Hayao no Shigoto, I did an analysis of the Nausicaa manga which garnered quite a response from my readers, but I’m actually not satisfied with my analysis. I mean, while I did tackle the composition of the story, I didn’t tackle any sort of visual analysis from a technical point of view. While manga criticism was once focused just on themes and ideology of the narrative, a form of criticism which adds to that approach by looking at the actual lines on the paper to understand the author’s thought process and the manga as pure image has come to the forefront since the ’90s in the Japanese manga criticism community. You all must know the television program Manga Yawa, on NHK sattelite? On the show, Professor Natsume has a segment where he does manga analysis called “Natsume no Me” (Natsume’s Eyes). Analysis like what he does.
Feb 12, 2017 2:48 PM
Answers · 2
The writer of the article is unsatisfied with his/her analysis of the Nausicaa manga because although the writer explored the textual story - the themes, the composition, the ideology of the manga creator - the writer left out an analysis of the visual story - the drawings and their arrangement. The writer goes on to say that analysis of the visual elements (as opposed to just textual elements) has become popular since the 1990s.
February 12, 2017
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