How can I use 葵瓜子 and “葵瓜籽”in Chinese sentence?
Feb 12, 2017 5:49 PM
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两个都不对: 应该是“葵花子”或“葵花籽”。 瓜子,指的是“瓜的子”,比如西瓜子,南瓜子。单说“瓜子”的话,大家也习惯把葵花子也叫成瓜子,但是,如果你要加上“葵”字,那就要说成“葵花”,而不是“葵瓜”,因为并没有葵瓜这种东西。 “子”是种子的意思,而“籽”则是特指那某些植物颗粒状的种子,当然象鱼卵、青蛙卵等等也被叫成籽,它们产卵就叫成“摆籽”(应该是北方方言吧)。所以,葵花的种子肯定是可以用“籽”的。
February 13, 2017
Hi Allen, 葵瓜子 are sunflower seeds. You can use them anywhere/anytime you're talking about sunflower seeds. This term doesn't commonly use the character 籽 for "seed," although I think 籽 might be used when referring to the seeds themselves while still in the flower and not the food (but I cannot be 100% sure about this).
February 12, 2017
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