When do u need to learn handwritten Russian letters ? I have started learning Russian Cyrillic and I am writing words in my notebook with print letters.So when do u need to learn handwritten Russian letters and is it ok to write with print letters ?(i mean do natives do that or is it a rule to use handwritten letters when writing?)
Feb 14, 2017 3:07 PM
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Amir, as a forighn learner of Russian you may do anything:) You aren't obliged even to know Russian... so I don't see how it might be that you have to learn cursive. But Russian use it. Some Russians start writing very fast and inaccurate (so the result is almost illegible:)) by the time they enter high school and university - and later start forgetting how to do this because mostly they use PC. Others Russians' writing is clean and accurate. But it is not the way it s with English: kids learn cursive and keep trying make it look accurate in primary school. There is a reason for this. Notice that Arabic/Persian letters are desighned to be written with a pen on soft material. The same with Latin small (lower case) letters: m,n, u - these curved shapes are intended for brush. Latin capitals (M, N, V, T) came from Roman times and somehow remind phoenician letters. They make me think of stone:) Russian lower case letters м, н, у - just repeat capital shapes. And what about д??? You will just never be able write т м н у д as quickly as you can write t m n u d.
February 14, 2017
In our life we do use handwritten. But the time of paper is over I think.In the university I can take a notes in my notebook after the lecture,but I can do this on my smartphone, for example, without handwritings..And what is more important that the most of all documents require only print letters!
February 14, 2017
Natives use handwritten Russian. Children start learning it from the first class at school and then get used to write only with handwritten letters. It depends how seriously you plan to learn and use the language, but I think it's better to learn it simultaneously with alphabet. Thus, you will write faster than with printed letters; and it will be easier for you to read something that is written by hands on paper.
February 14, 2017
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