Can someone write the most used verbs in egyptian\levantine arabic? And could someone tell me and give me some examples how to write sentences in arabic? / example what comes first of nouns, adjectives and verbs etc when it comes to writing a long sentence in arabic :)
Feb 14, 2017 3:41 PM
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The example is : " أكل الطفل التفاحة الحمراء " that mean " The Child eat the red apple " the verb " أكل = eat " come first the subject " الطفل = Chile " come second "Which do the verb" the object " التفاحة = apple " come third the adjective " الحمراء = Red " come last there are too many way to writ sentences in Arabic and there are different types of sentences in Arabic like nominal or verbal sentences etc....
February 16, 2017
The Title is tricky a little bit .There is no such ( the most used verb )
February 15, 2017
" انا اتفرجت على الفيلم امبارح " Means that " i watched the movie yesterday " The same sequence as i wrote in English " أنا بحب الشعر الاسود " I love the black hair Also the same sequence " يوسف هيروح الجيم النهردة " Josef will go to the gym today The same sequence
February 14, 2017
مره واحد راح للبقال وقاله عندك جبنة بيضا قاله لا وهو عنده جوا ههههههههههههههه
February 14, 2017
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