what's the meaning of a "yes man"? hi All, what's the meaning of a yes man ? a man always says yes without any idea? or somebody's yes is very important, that make him be the yes man, means he is a important guy ? Thanks.
Feb 15, 2017 2:44 PM
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It is not a compliment. It refers to someone who agrees with everything a superior says, no matter what it is. The normal context is in the workplace so the superior is usually a boss. The idea is the junior person says 'yes' to everything their boss proposes or suggests, no matter how good or bad their proposal is. Hence 'yes man.'
February 15, 2017
It means someones who flatters an authority figure, by always telling him that he is right about everything. Whatever the leader says, they will say "Yes, that's a good idea." In corporations and in government, bad leaders surround themselves with "yes men." "Yes, that's a good idea." They feed the leader's ego and make him feel good. It is always nice to hear that you are right and that everything is going well. Bad leaders will reward and promote "yes men." They will punish, demote, or fire people who tell them when they are wrong. "Yes men" prevent a leader from getting accurate information, leading to bad decisions. An old and formal word for "yes men" is "sycophant," "A person who attempts to gain advantage by flattering influential people or behaving in a servile manner." Here's an example of use, from a book called "Six Men who Built the Auto Industry:" "There was no one like him anywhere in the upper ranks of the global auto industry. He was an abuser of power, a despot surrounded by yes men when he ran VW in the 1990s."
February 16, 2017
yes man 的意思就是无论你说什么,他总是会同意你的意见。他可能没有自己的意见哈哈
February 15, 2017
Also known as a brown noser.
February 15, 2017
this actually, depens on the conditions when it is used, if the subject(Man) is the major focus so the meaning of "yes man" is important guy, great man, or etc but if the major focus is "yes" so the meaning of "yes man" is the man always said yes on every oportunity everything happen in his life he will said "yes" so that depens on the conditions
February 15, 2017
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