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Difference between Volver and Devolver What is the difference between Volver and Devolver?
Feb 15, 2017 9:10 PM
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It will depend on the form of the verb. For example: "Volver" means "to return" (as stated above) as in "vuelvo el próximo martes" (I will return next Tuesday), it is not restricted to people (as stated above), for example "el agua sube al cielo en forma de vapor y vuelve a la tierra en forma de gotas de lluvia" (water goes up to sky as vapor and returns to the soil as rain drops). "Volverse" (pronominal form) means 1) "to become", for example "ella se volvió todo para mí" (she became everything to me); 2) "to turn", fo example "los alumnos se volvieron contra el profesor" (the students turned against the teacher). "Devolver" means "to return", for example "quiero devolverte este libro" (I want to return this book to you). "Devolverse" (pronominal form) also means "to return", "el bus se devuelve a la estación" (the bus returns to the station). I hope this is helps.
February 16, 2017
Volver : come back (from a place) Devolver: To give back (something to someone). It also means "to puke". I hope this will clear your doubts :D
February 15, 2017
Hello kristopher. "Volver" means to return, or come back in reference to people. For exaple. Yo vuelvo de Madrid. However, devolver is just for returning OBJECTS. For instance in the shop if you want to give it back something, the correct use is devolver. For example: Voy a devolver la cámara de fotos porque no funciona. *Also "devolver" mean the act of vomiting. Voy a devolver (I'm going to vomit)
February 15, 2017
Hola Kristopher, Voler: to come back. Volví a casa muy cansado. I came back home too tired. Devolver: to give back. Le devolví el carro a mi amigo, me lo prestó ayer. I gave back the car to my friend, he lent me it yesterday. I hope this hepls. Any question, feel free for making it. Saludos.
February 15, 2017
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