What does '너 연강이지?' mean? Hi! I'm currently reading a corean web comic and I've come across one frame that I don't understand no matter how much I search trough all the dictionaries! Here's that little dialogue that I'm talking about: A: 너 연강이지? B: 응, 교양 하나. 생과대까지 가야 돼. So... I don't understand what the A is asking. The dictionaries show that 연강 means 'mild steel'. That tottaly doesn't make sense. And B... is he saying that he's got one Liberal Arts class and then ha has to go to the Biology/ Science deparrment/ building? Thanks in advance for helping with understanding this dialogue!
Feb 15, 2017 10:22 PM
Answers · 4
A: 너 연강이지? B: 응, 교양 하나. 생과대까지 가야 돼. in this dialog, "연강" is an abbreviated form of "연속 강의", which means taking two classes continuously. and "교양" in B means a subject which is not related to one's major. If B is not majoring Biology, then, any class in Biology department can be a "교양".
February 16, 2017
You found 'mild steel'! LOL! "연강" is like LOL. It is just an abbreviation for "연속 강의" as JINHEE YOON said at first. In this, A is asking to confirm that B has a next subject.
February 16, 2017
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