How would I say this in Korean? I'm writing 2 messages to a band/its member, how would I write these in Korean? I have to message them by tomorrow. Thank you in advance~ 1. [Addressed to multiple people, but I'd like to use the 요 form] "I'm so proud & so happy for you. You're all so talented & hardworking with absolutely beautiful hearts. Only more success & happiness lies ahead~ I'll be here as a fan every step of the way to cheer you on & support you. Thanks so much for making me smile each day with your lovely music & just being you, Don't get sick & please be sure to eat all your meals." 2. [Addressed to 1 person, but I would like to use the 요 form] "It hasn't been long since you've been in Korea but you've already accomplished so much. I'm so proud of you I could cry again. It warms my heart to see you doing so well & seeing how happy you are. ㅇㅇ is really a beautiful team that & I'm glad you are all so close & can share this happiness together. I'll continue to support you~ Please take care of your health"
Feb 16, 2017 1:53 AM
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1. [몇 명 사람에게 말했지만 "요"-양식을 쓰고 싶어요.] 나는 네희를 참 자랑 스러워요. 너희 때운에 기뻐요. 네희 모두 너무 재능이 있고 절대적으로 아름다운 마음으로 근면해요. 더 많은 성공과 행복이 놓여 있어요. 나는 팬처럼 네희에게 계속 응원해요. 매일 네희의 멋진 음악으로 웃게 돼서 많이 감사해요. 아프지 마세오. 식사를 꼭 규칙적으로 드세오. 2. [1명에게 말했지만 "요"-양식을 쓰고 싶어요.] 네가 한국에 온 지 오래됐지만 이미 많이 성취 해 왔어요. 너를 자랑스러워서 다시 울 수 있었어요. 너가 잘 해서 그렇게 기쁜 것을 보니까 마음이 훈훈해져요. ㅇㅇ는/은 정말 아름다운 팀이에요. 네희가 모두 너무 가까이서 함께 기쁨을 나눌 수 있어서 기뻐요. 네에게 계속 응원하겠어요. 건강에 조심하세요. === 좋은 하루를 지내세요./I wish you a good day.
February 16, 2017
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