Jorge Rodriguez
What does this 管 mean here? 一位男人要学一种外语。到了语言机构咨询后,人们问他很多,他生气了,回家找到在线的学校了。他高兴。 “更重要的是心理舒服---没有人硬逼着我执行学习计划,也没人问我为啥要学它,以及我的单位、身份,包括薪水---我就是个语言学习者,你管我这些干吗?” “你管我这些干吗?” 是什么意思? ‘你’是读者或者听者吗? 为什么突然说‘你’? ‘管’ 可能是‘care about, be bothered about'呢?
Feb 16, 2017 4:53 AM
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Hi Jorge, 管 is a verb that is commonly used in daily life, but I don't think there's an English equivalent for it. When someone get into others business and tell others what to do, acting like someone in authority, in which situation we use the word 管 to discribe what he does. in addition, the word 管 is often used to show disapproval or annoyance. Don't tell me what to do. 别管我 My parents are always telling me "what to do". 我父母总管我。 No one wants to listen to someone who's telling them what to do. 没人愿意被管。 Just my two cents~
February 16, 2017
1.“你管我这些干嘛”指这是我的事,你管不着。或者说”It"s not of your business" 2.”你“可以指读者,也可以指听者,泛指管我的那些人 3.突然说”你“的原因:表示一种内心愤怒和不耐烦的情绪,习惯说法 4.这里的"管"的英语翻译我不会:D
February 16, 2017
"Care about" or "be bothered about", they both could be the meaning of "管" in Chinese. It depends on the situation that you're having. For example, base on your question, "你管我那么多干嘛?" means "It's none of your business! Why do you care about such things?" Or you can say,"管好你自己就行了!", means "Just care about yourself!" So this one could be a little angry. Well, another way to explain "管", I'll take the situation like you're going to college, and your parents insist on driving you out but just don't need it. Then u can say "不用管我了。", which means "Don't bother." Hope I can help u~ ;-)
February 16, 2017
管 usually show up as an phrase––管理 it's mean manage sb to do sth
February 16, 2017
February 18, 2017
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