What does "معرفة" and "ذهاب" mean in arabic? I have seen words similar to them, but i get very confused when i see the prefix م in front of the word عرف. or other words. I dont understand what the prefix م mean in arabic, in front of the verb. The same with this word محتاج (need) but when its م in front i get lost from what the meaning of the word means. and the verb ذهاب, why is the ا in there? What is it for? and in what way does it form the sentence. past tense- Knew عرف -I know اعرف Male- you know تعرف Female- you know تعرفي\تعرفين Plural- you know تعرفو\تعرفون --------------------------------------------------------- I am know(ing)- انا بعرف when i put the (ING) the prefix in arabic would be ب in front of the verb right? and here is the link i got some of the words from:
Feb 16, 2017 11:24 AM
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ذهاب is going somewhere, it's like when you say: Going to a party is amazing. معرفة means knowledge - awareness - knowing something.
February 16, 2017
hello , i hope this answers your questions 1. when you add م to the verb the word become noun example : انا احتاج i need , and قابلت رجل محتاج i met a man in need (poor) 2. the same with عرف and معرفه , معرفه means knowledge example ,مع القراءه تزداد المعرفه with reading knowledge increase . 3. ذهاب like going and its noun also example : like this plane ticket is two way , هذه التذكره ذهاب و عوده 4. i know : انا اعرف , i am knowing : انا اعرف also , because we have only present tense in Arabic so it will be the same meaning with or without (ing)
February 17, 2017
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