What does '소원으로 고백을 받아 달라던가?' mean? Hi! I need your help again, haha. What does '소원으로 고백을 받아 달라던가?' mean? I've just started 'earning Korean so i'm 100% not good at it, but i'm trying! So could you help me to translate this sentence? Thanks in advance!
Feb 16, 2017 10:27 PM
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'소원으로 고백을 받아 달라던가?' == 소원으로(as a wish) 고백(a confession)을 받아(receive, accept) 달라던가?(did they ask for it?) == As a (formal) wish, he/she might have requested that his/her confession be heard? == I am not sure, but he/she might have been asking me to hear their confession. It's a a bit of a difficult sentence, with ~으로 and ~달라던가?. 고백을 받다 is also a little unclear in meaning. * ~으로 = 1) to, toward, 2) by (a means), 3) as; as a token/symbol/justification. * ~던가? = question ending form asking oneself about something one knew or experienced in the past. 달라던가? is the trickiest part. - 달다 = ask for something. It is always used in the conjugation form 달라(는/고/며/면서/던/던가/etc). - 달라고 (말)하다 = ask someone to give/hand something to the speaker. - 달라다 = Shortening of 달라고 하다. Conjugates to 달라는, 달라고, 달라면, 달라던가, etc. - 달라던가 = 달라다(달라고 하다) + 던가? = (I wonder,) did they ask for it?. - V + ~아/어 달라다 = ask (someone) to do V for the speaker. 달라다 here is a helper verb expressing "do for someone". - N을 받아 달라던가? = Did they ask me to hear/accept N (for them)? If 받아 달라던가 is still unclear, you should practice phrases of the form 동생이 책(을) 달래 and 동생이 숙제를 도와 달래 (달래 = 달라고 해).
February 17, 2017
I think '소원으로 고백을 받아 달라던가?' means "have you ever asked for a confession?" As a wish, you want to receive the confession from someone (소원으로 고백을 받고 싶었어). The question here means, did you ever make such a request (달라던가). Hope there's any Korean could answer this. This is a quite complicated sentence.
May 19, 2021
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