Question Hi, everyone Could you help me with a few questions? Please. 1) Does it sound odd to say "You aren't very modest, are you?"? What about "I am not in the slightest/least jealous of you"? Does it sound odd to use "not in the slightest/least" that way? 2) What does "I am eight for 28 this month" mean? 3)What do you say when your doctor give you a note that allows you to stay off work/school for a period of time? What could you say? "I won't work today. I am on a sick leave for one month".. "I will be out for a month" "I will be off work for a month".. Could you give me some examples? 4) Finally, let us say you ate a lot yesterday, then you say "Today I will go really hard on my workout" "go full throttle at my workout".. Do they sound odd? Thank you very much
Feb 16, 2017 10:30 PM
Answers · 7
Hi, I'm a native American English speaker. 1) "You aren't very modest are you?" sounds perfectly fine. Using "not in the slightest/least" sounds a little old-fashioned or formal. Using "not at all" sounds much better. 2) I have no clue. 3) "I will be out for a month with a cold/flu/whatever you're sick with." "I'm taking sick leave for a month." 4) That sounds a little odd. Maybe just say, "Today I'm going hard on my workout" or "I'm going all out on my workout." Or "I'm going to work it off today."
February 16, 2017
#2 I don't get either. (a number ) out of (a number) means you are keeping track of something, like a goal. The person has achieved 8 out of 28 of something or in regards to time has been doing something 8 days out of 28 days for example. #3 we also say "I'm off sick today./I'll be off sick for a month." #4 we could also say : "I'm going to double up on my workout."
February 16, 2017
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