What does error-focused mean in this passage? 1. Then she would practise writing. Her practice would be slow, painstaking and error-focused. By practising in this way, she delays the automatizing process. Her mind wants to turn conscious, newly learned skills into unconscious, automatically performed skills. Does error-focused mean there are many error in her writing or she pays attention to the errors in her writing? 2. He was not feeling himself for some reasons. not feel oneself means he's not feeling good mentally or physically?
Feb 17, 2017 7:28 AM
Answers · 3
Hi there! If her writing is error focused it means that her writing would be focused specifically on avoiding errors. If you are not feeling yourself it means that you are not feeling good. It can mean both mentally and physically. We can also use the phrase he/she isn't himself/herself today. This phrase is often used to describe someones behaviour, if someone is not behaving the way they usually do because they are feeling sad or not normal mentally or physically for some reason: 'John isn't himself today. He is usually very talkative but today he seems very quiet, I wonder if something is wrong.' Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!
February 17, 2017
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