José Guadalupe
which is the difference between «other», «another» and «the others»?
Feb 17, 2017 5:22 PM
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'Another' is a determiner that means 'one other'. It's just the two words 'an' and 'other' joined together as a single word. So we use 'another' with singular countable nouns: A book --> another book We use 'other': - with plural nouns: books ---> other books - with uncountable nouns: information ---> other information - after other determiners: the book --> the other book my book ---> my other book that book ---> that other book those books ---> those other books 'the others' is a pronoun which can mean 'the other books', 'the other students', 'the other countries' and so on. 'Do you want these shoes?' 'No. I want the others.' I hope that helps.
February 17, 2017
Other: it's mainly used to differentiate people or things from something already talked about. Example: "I don't want that cookie. I want the other cookie." Another: Think of it as an addition to something, like add one more of something already talked about. Example: "I want another cookie." The others: Think of this one as, "those that weren't already mentioned in the group." You're trying to differentiate from things, people or places that have already been mentioned. For example: The others were late to the field trip, so they had to stay at the school." What makes this different from other is you're talking about more than one thing, person or place as you would with other. Others=more than one thing, Other=one thing
February 17, 2017
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