how can i develop my english
Feb 18, 2017 8:22 PM
Answers · 3
Thanks alot bro nd ya always we are algerien nd egyptians in the same time
February 19, 2017
Watch movies with subtitles study ( English today ) course on practice with native speaker it will help you a lot to speak English fluently and you will find yourself saying , w shkon e7na ,, we are el gaza2er :D not e7na
February 19, 2017
1.Always watch movies and TV-shows with subtitles. Some sites provide these subtitles but if you're the torrent type, usually you'll get both the movie and a subtitle file but when downloading TV episodes there are sites with downloadable subtitle files. 2.Chat. I mean it doesn't really help you verbally but it can help you learn lots of terms and grammars ( especially since the internet nazis are everywhere ). Especially metaverse or chatting games. 3.This one requires more time and determination which is studying online. Which is probably the most helpful combined with #1. Italki, pronunciation videos, English pdf files. 4. Surround yourself with English speakers or even better with native speakers. The internet is really vast so there's no way you can't learn English through these.
February 18, 2017
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