Question Hi, there Could you help me with three questions? 1) Does it sound odd to say "I don't like fish, but I can tolerate it. Shrimp is pushing it too far, though. I hate it." Does it sound odd? What could I say instead? "Now shrimp is too much, through"? Could you give me an example? 2) Let us say someone says: "I need a really good night's sleep"... Would it sound odd for yout to respond to that like this: "I need a good night's sleep myself. I did all the work. You did nothing but complain" Does it sound odd? What about "I am the one who needs a good night's sleep"? 3) Can you say "Take a certain look off your face"? "put on a look/puppy dog eyes"? , "have a look"? For example: "Take that crying look off your face." "Why do you have such a crying look/face?"?, "Take off/Put away those puppy dog eyes" If they sound odd, what could you say instead? 4) Can you say "I can imagine" in english? like: A: Being a teacher is hard B(not a teacher): I can imagine. Thank you very much!
Feb 19, 2017 12:17 AM
Answers · 1
1) Pushing it too far is absolutely great. Native sounding, too. 2) "I am the one who needs a good night's sleep" with emphasis on the I is best here. All the other stuff (who did the largest share of the work) is implied in that sentence. 3) "Put away those puppy dog eyes". Alternatives: "don't look so sad", "why the long face?" 4) Yes, absolutely you can use "I can imagine" like this.
February 19, 2017
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