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اسم الفاعل Hello, what these words mean? where I have to use them? I know it called اسم الفاعل ... Could you give me some examples with them please ذَاهِب ، شَارِب ، دَارِس ، مُدَرِّس ، قَارِئ ، كَاتِب
Feb 19, 2017 6:40 PM
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اسم الفاعل is the one who is doing the action. the equivalent in english is like when you add er to verb. for example drinker شارب driver سائق lier كاذب traveler مسافر killer قاتل reader قارئ I hope it's clear to you now.. keep up
February 20, 2017
لقد كان مدرس ---------> He was a teacher إنه كاتب مميز ----------> He is author Special أنا ذاهب الى المدرسة ---> I'm going to school شارب العصير --- Drink the juice قارئ القرأن -- Qura'an reader Approximate translation
February 19, 2017
محمد ، شكرا جزيلا
March 16, 2017
يشتق من الفعل علي وزن فاعل بمعني لعب لاعب الكره لاعب هنا اسم فاعل وهي علي وزن فاعل
March 16, 2017
it seems I had to answer not to comment.. so I already answered you.. go on
February 20, 2017
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