Start off and Start out Hi folks, Could you give me a better classification of how and when to use the phrase verbs "start off" and "start out"? Thanks in advance.
Feb 20, 2017 11:16 PM
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Hi In most cases you could be better not including the "off" and "out" at all. The addition of the "off" and "out" is an American English addition that is, in most cases, not necessary if you are in doubt. Here are some examples from the dictionary I saw in an online chat, I've added alternatives in ( ) where I think the sentence is improved without the additional OUT or OFF. 1.She started out on her legal career in 2008. (She started her legal career in 2008) 2.When the band started out, they couldn't afford much equipment. (this is ok) 3.I started out to write a short story, but it soon developed into a novel. (I started to write a short story...) 4.The discussion started off mildly enough. (this is ok) 5.Let's start off with some gentle exercises. (this is ok) 6.We started off by introducing ourselves. (We started by introducing ourselves) 7.I started off working quite hard, but it didn't last. (I started working quite hard...) 8.Start out by accessing your list of Applications from your Androids Home screen. (Start by accessing...)
February 21, 2017
The verbs 'start off' and 'start out' are used to say that you are beginning to do something. There are only VERY subtle differences between the verbs and most people will use these interchangeably. But in my opinion the main difference is that 'started out' implies a clear goal that wants to be achieved, while 'started off' is more casual and does not put as much emphasis on the thing that you began doing. For example: I started out to write a short story, but I then I realised I loved non-fiction. She started out as a lawyer, but then moved into politics. Both these sentences convey an objective. On the other hand 'started off' sounds more causal and doesn't emphasis the action that you began with as much. For example: When I cook carrots I start off by peeling them. I started off playing basketball, but decided I didn't like it so I changed to cricket.
February 20, 2017
You want to rephrase your request this way. Could you please give me a better classification of how and when.........?
February 21, 2017
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