pay bills Please pay attention to the prep and which one is correct? (1)pay bills from/on/by their mobile phones. (2)Should I use the singular or plural form of mbile phones? I wonder if it assumes that each person could have more than one phones, so a plural form is used. If each one has only one phone, the sentence would be their mobile phone, right?
Feb 20, 2017 11:23 PM
Answers · 3
Hello Robin, - First Question - 1. Pay bills from their mobile phone 2. Pay bills on their mobile phone Both "from" and "on" are correct. For example He pays his bills from his mobile phone. He pays his bills on his mobile phone. They pay their bills from their mobile phones. They pay their bills on their mobile phones. - Second Question - You would only use it in its singular form to refer to a single individual. If you want to be more specific stating that a person uses multiple phones to pay his bills, you could use: He uses multiple phones to pay his bills. He pays his bills from his various mobile devices. He pays his bills using multiple mobile phones. Good luck with your studying !
February 20, 2017
All prepositions are correct plus some more: “Recently, many people have starting to pay bills from/on/with their mobile phone/phones” — whether or not to use the plural form of “phones” is a philisophical choice here, and “their” is not necessary if you use the plural. If you use “by” don’t use the plural: "Recently, many people have starting to pay bills by mobile phone."
February 21, 2017
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