Can I introduce Facebook in this way? I’m going to talk about Facebook. It’s my go-to website when I want to make new friends or share my stories with others. It’s an online social media where people can find new friends and bond with old mates. This billion-dollar business started with only a small program called “Facemash”, asking users to compare two persons and choose the hotter one. That “hot or not” webpage attracted thousands of visitors in its first hour launched. I bet Mark himself might not imagine that before, either. It was really a big hit. He immediately realize the power of SNS and started his way to open a new epoch. After several years struggling, Facemash becomes Facebook, the No.1 social media in the world. It's changing the way people socialize. If that’s not creativity, then I don’t know what is.
Feb 22, 2017 5:23 AM