Huyen Trang
Is there any difference between ''関係する′' and '' 関連する’’・ Both means'' be related to'' I hope you guys help me. And many thannks to those who answered my former questions.
Feb 22, 2017 2:28 PM
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Hello, What is the difference between 関係(かんけい)and 関連(かんれん)? It must be difficult to answer, even in Japanese! First of all, please have a look at both Kanji carefully. The second Kanjis are「係」and 「連」. In Japanese 「かかり:かかわる:」and「れん:つらなる」 So, it supposed be 関係 means かかわる+かかわる、関連 means かかわる+つらなる。 関係 has wider range of meaning than 関連. 関係 means some relation between more than two things, or influenced from the other . On the other hand, 関連 also express some connection between more than two matters, but in this case it has to be connected as contents of the matter. Ex: 警察(けいさつ)は先週起きたふたつの事件の関連/関係を調べている。 (The police is investigating the connection/relation between two cases which happened last week.)   Both 関係 and 関連 can be used. Ex: 彼はこの事件に関係しているようだ。(関連×) He seems that he is related to this case. I hope it will help you. がんばってくださいね。
February 24, 2017
There are 2 man who work in university. If they work in "same" university, they have 関係 but if they don't, they don't have.関係していない。e Even though they work in another (same) university, they have 関連。
February 24, 2017
yes please @Naoki Shoji
February 23, 2017
Is the answer in Japanese OK?
February 23, 2017
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