Why i can't find the word? Hello! I'm confused about a thing -Acompáñenos a descubrirlo Come along to find out I saw it on video My question is, Acompáñenos and descubrirlo are verbs right? They are stem from acompáñar and descubrir right? Why I can't find Acompáñenos and descubrirlo two words on dictionary? I mean,verb will change by tense in Spanish,such as : yo pensé , yo pienso . But I can't find acompáñenos and descubrirlo in any tense Why??
Feb 22, 2017 4:17 PM
Answers · 2
Acompañe[nos] , that last part indicates who is the action directed to: in this case nosotros (us) , You can say acompáñenos (us), acompáñala( her), acompáñame (me/I)... . In the dictionary you can find acompañe. Similarly in descubrir[lo] , you can find the verb 'descubrir' but in this case you are putting the pronoun 'lo' at the end (discover it), you can say descubrirte (you), descubrirlos (them) Here's more info on this subject: Hope this helps
February 22, 2017
Acompáñenos is a formal command so you need to look for subjunctive conjugation 'acompañe' (usted) "a descubrirlo" = para descubrir ( infinitivo, so it's not conjugated at all) Please, dont be confused for the objects: "nos" ( English 'us') and "lo" ( English 'it')
February 23, 2017
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