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How do you use "看看"? I have been told that it means either "to look" or "to try". Can someone please explain this to me? Thanks!
Feb 22, 2017 11:25 PM
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the same verb repeat two times, means the action take a short time. e.g. 看看,听听,试试,想想, 问问 看看,means "have a look" ,e.g. 我看看菜单。
February 24, 2017
well ,i don't think 看看 means "to try " either .看看means "to have look " for example firstly, A: Do u know how to solve this problem? 你知道怎么解决这个问题吗? B:Let me see .我看看 (to have a look ) In this case, 看看 means that u r going to have a look .but it doesn't mean u must try to figure out it .of course ,most people will try to figure out that after having a look .That is why people think 看看 means "to try" easily .As u know ,someone maybe just have a look ,not going to figure out no matter he /she know how to solve the problem of course ,that is just my view .
February 23, 2017
1. shopkeeper " come and take a look at our new arrivals" 过来看看我们的新货 2. shopping "you can try it on and see if it fits you " 你可以试试,看看合不合适 3. let me see 我看看
February 22, 2017
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