I written an essay about the experience of study abroad, who want to check? STUDY ABROAD Nowadays not everyone have the opportunity to study abroad, who has this opportunity should seize it, because it would be a really helpful experience. This experience help you in many ways, firstly you can learn better a foreign language when you live in a place where all people speak it, and secondly you become more independent and mature. While you studying abroad you learn many things, not only the language and other subjects at school. For examples the way of life and the way of thinking in another country is different from yours, so you can learn how to speak and behave with different people. These opportunities help students with growing up because they have to live alone for a lot of time, do so they learn how to solve their problems and become more independent. For all these reasons, I think that who had the opportunity to study will have less problem in his life and will have more opportunities to find a job.
Feb 23, 2017 2:05 PM