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~そうに ??? I understand ~そう means "looks like (something)" but when it precedes a predicate like in these cases, how should I translate it? 母は心配そうに医者の話を聞いています。 or あの人は、さびしそうに一人ですわっています。 Thank you all!
Feb 24, 2017 12:15 PM
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Cara Maria, The cases below "....そう" works as adjective.  母は心配そう に見えます。  あの人は、さびしそうに に見えます。 In the case you mentioned, it works as adjective. Spero che tutto è chiaro per te, cia ciao, buon fine settimana!
February 25, 2017
In that case, I use "to hear anxiously" and "to sit lonely".
February 25, 2017
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